Once a Pollack, always a Pollack.
(Except where prohibited by law.)
Vince & Debra Flowers
Nee Debra Sanzari, then Heflich, now Flowers
Debra Flowers works as an adjunct instructor in Communication at Austin College, Sherman, TX. Previously, she worked for 20 years as a Value Systems Analysis seminar leader and employee
relations consultant for the Center for Values Research and as the co-owner of Value Systems Applications. Debra is an applications consultant on the That's Life System.

Debra is the co-author of three books-- two on the Value Systems Analysis concept and one on
employee handbooks-- and has written several articles that have appeared in professional journals.
She has M.A. and B.A. degrees from the University of North Texas.
Vince Flowers is the creator of the That's Life System. For 25 years, Vince worked as a Value Systems Analysis seminar leader, management consultant, and co-owner of the Center for Values Research and Value Systems Applications, two management consulting firms. Prior to that, he was the Assistant Dean of Business for the University of North Texas for 2 years and the Assistant Comptroller of Texas Instruments for 5 years.

Vince holds a patent on the That's Life model, has co-authored two books and published numerous
articles in many professional publications, including the Harvard Business Review and several inter-
national journals. Vince has a PhD from the University of North Texas and an MBA and MS degree
from Kent State University.
Nee Wincenty Kwiatkowski
When I was a child,
they called me the
Polish Prince.
Not much difference,
except I wear glasses.
Still have big ears and am
still Polish.
Yes, I'd like an order of baked ziti. You deliver, don't you?
Now I make my own
and I still love