Center for Values Research
Workshop Leaders

Charles Hughes
Wayne Wright
Debra Heflich (Flowers)
Vince Flowers
CVR's offices and 50 seat conference center. Debra
joined CVR in 1979, where she and Vince taught
Value Systems workshops.

Highlights 1973-1990

1973 Vince & Charles formed CVR
Over 140 public workshops--5600+ attendees
In-house workshops-- 15,000 + attendees
3 books and 20+ articles on value systems
Value Systems Applications
VSA's Conference Center on Lake Texoma
Highlights 1991-2000

1991- Vince & Debra formed Value Systems
Applications, built a conference center on Lake
Texoma, and resumed public workshops on
Value Systems.

2000- Vince retires to work on "That's Life."
Debra continues in house workshops and begins
teaching at the college level.
CVR & VSApplications